Monday, May 24, 2010

Breaking a Bad Habit

Today, I have decided to start my day early, so that I could end it early as well.

I've been used to waking up in the middle of the day (literally, at 12 noon) ever since vacation day began. I would eat lunch (powerlunch, to compensate my non-breakfast habit), have a bit of stretching and clean my room. Afterwhich, I would clean the bathroom (my brother and I alternately does this). Then either I take a bath or eat meringue to wrap things up, usually at around six or seven o'clock in the evening. Everything after seven o'clock plays around with watching TV, reading a book, writing stuffs or listening to radio while relaxing at the rooftop. But I usually stay up late in the internet - late equated to almost until the dawn of the next day.

This has been my routine in the 2 months that passed. And I say - evidently - that it has been unhealthy.

Apparently, I must admit that there is something wrong with my body clock. I couldn't sleep at night, so instead of tiring my eyes by forcing myself to sleep, I would just frolic with the vast pool of information and communication that the Internet provides. Hoping that once I shut the light of our AVR off, I would peacefully get to sleep.

That is why I wake up in the middle of the day. Or is this the reason that I wake-up that late - because I stay awake very late?

Hence, today I have decided to start my day early, so that I could end it early as well. Hoping that I would be able to get sleep early, and wake up early again tomorrow.

This has been a blessed day.

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