Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Charles: A Documentary on Disability

"Charles": A Documentary on Disability from Jamelle Ann Catapusan on Vimeo.

This is the story of Charles, a 10-year old first born old child inflicted with the disease known as Hydrocephalus. A successful operation on his brain allowed him to live up until this time; nonetheless, it only limits him lying on his couch, on his bed, and on his wheelchair - bedridden and in a vegetative state.

Despite this, Charles’ mother still considers continuing her son’s life clinging on the belief that a child, whoever or whatever they may be, is a gift from God. She ceaselessly nurtures and cares for Charles like the infant that he has been a decade ago - never getting tired everyday of her life.

The story of this documentary revolves around the relationship of a mother to her disabled child, and the struggle for survival despite the condition that they are up to. It also tackles how the people around a disabled person relate to them – their notions and feelings of empathy with regard to his condition.

"Charles" is one of the entries of the Philippines to the DCATCH (DeCentralized Asian Transnational Challenges) in 2009 held in Bangkok, Thailand.

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