Saturday, June 5, 2010

I support: 24/7 Prayer Movement for Women and Children

This year the Fifa World Cup is located in South Africa and begins June 11 and goes to July 11. For this event, forty thousand prostitutes will be transported to South Africa for the pleasure of the 50 thousand soccer tourist. Which means, for every five men, four girls wait to be abused and used. You can see the problems that present itself with this event. I am not here to boycott Fifa, I am here to offer support. Support to the thousands of women and children that are sex trafficked each day. The problem seems overwhelming, I want to suggest prayer.

In a situation that is not ideal, the support that can be offered is the encouragement of believers uniting in prayer over the coarse of this event. What better way for them to know they are loved and accepted by an amazing God.

At a time when profit is huge and all of these girls are going to be put through hell, God is there to meet them. Join me and others in a movement to pray for these girls 24/7 for the entire time of the world cup (no potty breaks).

This might sound crazy, praying for 30 days straight non stop. Actually this will be done a little differently. I am asking for people (maybe you?) to take shifts consisting of thirty minutes. During this time, you can read the Bible, do devotionals, sing songs of acceptance, and pray. The theme of this time is offering prayer for girls to know they are accepted and loved.

See Scarlet Cord Ministries for the full article (from Max Lucado's retweet in Twitter).


I feel empathic for the women used and abused for the sake of putting food on the table. Please support as well.

Say a little prayer for women and children :)


  1. WAH. Seryoso? Ngayon lang ako nakarinig ng ganito. :<

  2. Nakaka-shock diba? Sobrang nakaka-sad :((