Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's Good to be on a Rush - but for the Most Important

From this day on, I would not move speedily for anything other than for the most important ones.

The view from the stairway of the MRT Ayala station intensifies a need to walk faster to be able to get to my destination at the earliest time possible. A 30-40 plus stairsteps going down, a long stretch of street to tread on, and a mall connected to the other mall that is the way to the mall where I am headed to. The complexity of the way this can be briefly described vis-a-vis the energy needed to be exhausted for this walkathon is way far easier to fathom than when seen and done in reality. And so I take a deep breath before I take my first step down to one of the busiest streets of Makati.

I look at my watch - it's 30 minutes past 7 o'clock. My appointment is at 7.30; obviously, I am late. I walk faster as every minute pass by - until I run every five to seven meters of the way. Men donned in decent polo, women dressed in elegant dresses, children carrying colorful balloons, people dining in fast food chains (rich ones in fine dining), lush clothing and footwear - the innumerable number of people you cross upon and the tempting apparels in viewing glasses of stalls along the way seem to lengthen the byways and alleys of the mall. What seem to be a length that can be covered in a span of 15 minutes increases by five.

Finally, after a fast-walk bordering to a run, I reach the AIM Building. I directly head to the elevator, tap the "3" button, and hit the metal door a close. I am off to the Makati Feast, for which I have moved speedily because it is amongst the most important things that I recently do in my life after school - worshiping the Lord.

For twenty years, I have walked and run fast for things that I want to reach, achieve and attend to. School works, academic, social and organization meetings, people's favors, et cetera, et cetera. But all these I have done out of responsibility and fear. Nothing bad about being always in the rush in the name of responsibility; nonetheless, the not-so-good thing about having a ceaselessly-fast phased life is when you lose sight of the small yet most intricate and beautiful details of a day which - when summed up - can make you really, really happy.

Worse, when you rush yourself because you simply fear of being scolded, being unable to please other people.

Hence, starting today, I would just move speedily for the things that I deem most important in my life. Family relationships, maintaining healthy and good friendships - to name my third and second ranks. And my first, doing favor for the Lord.

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