Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Of Blindfolds and Handcuffs, with a Sweet Play of Violin Around

From blindfold to handcuffs, from handcuffs towards a secluded place. From the secluded place - where lights turn on, go to a dim until it shut off - to the spotlight in the open area in front of a crowd of familiar people. With a sweet background music - the tune of the violin from The Corrs' Runaway lingering - all things create a darling feeling. And the least you expect it, the more joy comes at a magnanimity.

Seated beside two good friends Judy and Wado, with our fellow batchmates at our side, we witnessed how our younger org-mates - those whom we have treated as our kapatids - say thoughtful words with eyes moistened with tears. Playing various audio-visuals (feigning innocence during the days it has been made), we watched each scene, each move; listened to each query, each trivia; enjoyed each giggle, each laughter. Truly, it moves and touches heart.

But in my subconscious, I have in my mind a presentation playing. Like a reel depicting portraits of people doing various things, memories come at a surge.  Going home late at night, being reprimanded at times, being given instructions oftentimes, scheduling meetings, writing letters, talking to various people, pleasing dignitaries, obeying orders - the list goes endless. Some of these were done with doubt and fear; be that as it may, smile and laughter seem to rise at the end of each day. All the days with regret and unpleasant thoughts vanish - all replaced with gratitude for a great opportunity as such. And these what forged tears in my eyes: I couldn't help but cry.

The program continues with hosts donned from simple get-ups to extravagant costumes.  A snap back to reality, this is the end of amusement at a playground; the time to go out has come. And so it has to be forgone, but shall always be remembered.

The day ends as Ma'am Faye gives words of encouragement and endearment. And yes, hearts warm more when a mother speaks to her children.  It seals the bond of love that has been created among us; a big embrace locks it for eternity.

And for all these, I realize:

We can always look back, but we can never go back. That is why we have a heart that remembers - various good things that shall be kept and never be forgotten.  And it shall  be lived each day as a part of who we are, because we are a mixture of our parents' genes and other people's influences .

We cannot rush for tomorrow and force the clock to run at a speed for our sake. Because today is a day that must be cherished. "Wherever you are, be there," as Francis Kong puts it. And so whatever the day asks for, give it with a kind heart. We are serving a bigger cause, not the one who we think we are serving for.

Even when others seem to pull your spirit down, remember Desidarata: Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.The bigger is your understanding, the more patience is expected of you.

If behind blindfolds and beyond handcuffs a pleasant surprise awaits, then I shall always welcome being blindfolded and being handcuffed. But I want it with a sweet and soft play of violin around that creates a darling mood. With those who you love and care for who are also darling, all the days of your life.

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