Friday, June 4, 2010

Sound of the Knocks of Blessings at my Door

"When one door closes, another one opens," as the old saying goes. Nonetheless, when blessings knock at your doorway, expect not a set of three counts, but of a dozen.

Yesterday, I received a phone call from Atty. Rhina Seco, one of my former OJT bosses from the Aksyon Radyo Manila News Bureau, notifying me to make an application letter and print out my resume to be submitted A.S.A.P. to them. "Makinig ka. Gawa ka ng application letter addressed to Joe Taruc and your resume. Send it to us A.S.A.P." "E nakapag-submit na po ako, diba?" I responded. "Basta gawa ka ng bago, idederetso natin kay Joe para mas mabilis." Atty. Rhina hung the phone as the call turned to an end.

I immediately made the letter and printed my resume the night I arrived home, whilst thinking of another job opportunity that I have eyed for a week now which involved working abroad for the Marianas Media (a network based in Guam, as far as my research and has taught me). I have already e-mailed my resume to the Marianas Media last week; however, I failed to attach a link to my resume reel which was among the requirements in the job ad. So I decided to make my resume reel for this application, but I also entertained the thought of sending another application to the MBC (Manila Broadcasting Company) which was originally amongst my most targeted companies after school.

The day after, I went to the MBC where I gave my application to Atty. Rhina who has willfully referred me to the one in charge of the news writers and news reporters of the RH Newscenter. Upon going back to the Aksyon Radyo station booth, I talked to Ate Patty, one of the RH reporters, about the environment and pros working there. "Kapag na-assign ka sa umaga, mas OK. Which is much better kasi mapapansin ka ni  Sir Joe na ikaw yung bago," she said. In the middle of our conversation, she told me, "Sana ikaw nga yun, Jame." Ate Patty did not know how I have clearly envisioned myself working there - my original plan before I began to expand my vision and seek for other job opportunities of the same line. Above all, what I have written in my Novena to God's Love which has given me a hint that God is on His own beautiful way of answering my prayer.

From MBC, I went to UST. And from UST, I rushed to Makati for the The Feast. And there, during the sharing portion, I met Sister Bina. "From what school?" she inquired upon sharing to her that I am a fresh grad from college. "UST," I answered with a sweet smile. "What course?" To which I responded, "Communication Arts." With a shine of enthusiasm on her face, she told me, "Oh, I have a friend from GMA News and Current Affairs, as well as from ABS-CBN. I can refer you to them, give me your resume so I can do so!" I glanced at my cousin who was glancing back at me. "Wow! Sure!" I said, then thanked her. I got Sis Bina's cellphone number, and would be in touch with her for another opportunity for employment.

Truly, when blessings knock at your doorway, expect not a set of three counts, but of a dozen. My first three knocks: Atty. Rhina and Sir NiƱo's referral to me at the RH Newscenter - directing to the President of the RH Broadcasting Co., Dr. Joe Taruc. My second three knocks: my conversation with Ate Patty giving me hints of God's answers to my wildest pool of dreams. My third three knocks: employment opportunity abroad which I would like to hitch a try by making my resume reel (online portfolio) - with the help of my very able friends Judy and Alexis. My fourth three knocks: connection and possible referral to GMA or ABS-CBN by Sis Dina.

I am just amazed by God's bounty who has given me one of the best - if not the best - summer I ever had. And after living from moment to moment, He is now heeding my prayers on having an employment opportunity just as the summer ends.

Given that June is my target month for employment, I think God is heeding my plead through these sounds of knocks of blessings at my door.

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