Monday, September 20, 2010

A Big Girl's Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa Claus,

Photo taken 13Dec2009
Why is it hot this Christmas season? Anyway, whenever I see this photo of you and me, I feel cool and at ease because of your white beard and clean red coat. Maybe that is why you wear that kind of stuff - so that wherever people are, they will feel the coldness of the North pole. Christmas is bound to feel people relaxed, a sight of you in that suit makes me feel exactly the same.

Dear Santa, I don't want my gifts to be wrapped anymore. Because at my age, I believe great gifts come in elegant packages no more - however big or small, colorful or pale-hued, heavy or light. Please hand it over to me by day, not when I am asleep in the midnight. I want to see you, be able to sit on your sleigh, say even a hi to Rudolph and the rest of your reindeer clique, and take a picture of you and me once again - this time, with the gift that you have handed over to me. I want to remind myself that you always give me what I deserve, what I need, even if sometimes not what I want but always what is best for me. I want to create an album of you and me, so that ten years from now, when I tell my kids about you, I can tell them how you have been a generous giver, a wish-granter, a dream-fulfiller.

Please visit me not only on the 24th of December, if you can, please do it often. So that even if it is not Christmas, I will always feel the Christmas vibe. Because at this season, Love is overflowing; I wanna be overflowed with love everyday - not only on a Christmas day. I wanna share, I wanna be open to the world, I wanna make people happy like you do. Can you teach me how?

Big hugs, big Love from your big girl, 

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