Monday, September 27, 2010

Take Care

This happened last Thursday, on my way to the AIM, Makati:

"Para," I said with a slightly loud voice to signal the driver for a halt. Moving slow because of traffic, the jeepney stopped; I went down and out along with other passengers. While walking at the sidewalk of the Arnaiz ave., a man walked by my side. As far as I could remember, he was the passenger seated beside me at the jeepney.

"Miss, san dito yung Greenbelt?" I heard him ask in a soft voice. At first, I pretended not to have heard and noticed, but he repeated in a louder tone. "Ah, jan po. Dere-derecho lang, tas left. Yung Mcdo po, Greenbelt na 'yon," I answered, whilst continuously walking and looking straight front. "Ah. Taga-rito ka ba?" He asked in response. This triggered me up to be on-guard.

"Ah, hindi po," I tried to be polite in answering. I didn't dare look at the man in the eyes, even glanced at him (remembering my Titas' advice when talking to people you barely - or not at all - even know). I walked faster, but he walked by my pace. 

"Anong pangalan mo?" I pretended not to hear again, but he said more loudly, "Saan ka nakatira?" In brief, I responded, "Sa Paranaque po." "Anong pangalan mo?" I felt a dint of insistence. "Ann." "Ah, Angie," he assumed. "Oo," I agreed in all dishonesty.

I was already turning left from Paseo de Roxas ave. to the street where AIM was, when he motioned towards left as well. Irritated, I shouted at him (still trying, with all my best, to be polite), "Ah, doon po yung Greendbelt," then pointing right to where Mcdonald's was. This time, I was already feeling scared. Gosh, he was following me.

I turned left, then he said, "Ah, e-escortan lang kita," then pointing to the pedestrian lane leading to the other side. E-escortan lang kita. What the hell? "Thanks, but no thanks," I thought to myself.

Actually, the AIM was really across the street, but I badly wanted to get rid of him so I rather stayed walking at the side where I was. "Ah, dito na po ako," continuing a fast-paced walk. "Ah, ganon. Sige Ingat!" From my peripheral, I saw him waved goodbye.

Thank God, he went away. My heart was already beating fast for fear and worry.

Although the man didn't do any harm, still, any stranger (a man, in this matter) talking to a lady walking alone would be very, very suspicious. Apart from that, asking ice-breaking questions what's-your-name, and even where-do-you-live! Getting to know eh?

I told my mother about this over lunch the next day. She said, "Ayan diba, sinasabi ko sa'yo maraming loko sa mundo. Kahit saan." Then I thought to myself, "That's why I gotta be careful. Really careful."

I gotta be careful. You gotta be careful. Be mindful of whom you are talking to.

Take care.


  1. Hahahaha! I was actually smiling while reading this. We're on opposite sides kasi eh. Dito sa US, its normal for strangers to talk and be friendly. Andami ko nang experience na ganyan dito, at kahit sa pinas meron din and I've always been welcoming and friendly. Iniisip ko lang I'm always happy to help. Pero dun sa tinanong ka kung tigasaan ka, medyo creepy na un so normally I give away vague answers such as "malapit sa SM, or sa may Munoz (which is true, dont lie)". Siguro risktaker lang talaga ako at syempre babae ka which made the difference. Pero like para sakin kasi we're all humans and no matter were people meet, its all the same. Hehe. Pero kasi iba rin dyan, pero halos pareho rin. Haha. Gulo ng comment na to. Basta I know you get my point. Hahaha. Ingat ka lang parati and always use your head.

  2. Iba kasi ang girl sa boy. Yeah, I will. Thanks.