Monday, September 27, 2010

Time's Up!

Even though the SEO/web-developer company has given me deadline until Tuesday to decide whether or not I'd be getting their job offer, I declared, "Time's up!" on a Sunday, after thinking things over and praying to God about it.

I have made my verdict. I choose the web writer post over the researcher work in the radio broadcasting company. This, I have made, on two grounds:
  • To be able to actively serve in the Makati Feast (and our community as a whole, the Light of Jesus (LOJ), and find a balance of time for family, serving God, and doing work. The researcher post, though not very demanding, could entail me working on a night or graveyard shift. With this, I would not be able to participate in the Makati Feast, as well as respond to being a CG-apprentice head (CG means caring group) in our CG for the season three. I have just been anointed as an intercessor (for our Intercessory Ministry), a CG head (but as of now, still an apprentice to Ate Gegs as a beginner), as well as an oficial member of the LOJ (after the baptism of the Holy Spirit during The Encounter). I believe I have been called to service.
  • Bigger salary, following my parents' advice. Being able to fend for myself and help a little at home. I would like to save first. In a year or two, I plan to enter my desired field of work.
I would like to fill the bottom of my jar with the essentials of life. As of the moment, I prioritize serving God and building better relationship with my family. As for my ultimate dream, I trust in God for what we have agreed upon. In peace, I marked His words unto me, "I am giving the desires of your heart".

And I believe He will. I just could not let go of the peace, satisfaction and happiness that I feel now that I am serving Him. So I declared time's up and made a decision - with a sense of peace in my heart.

Contract-signing in the Makati firm would be this afternoon. Hello, corporate world :)