Sunday, January 20, 2013

Armed. And Dangerous.

White shirt, black belt, and rubber shoes were the go-to attire in yesterday's annual leadership assembly of the Feast at the PAF Gymnasium in Villamor Air Base. We were no militiamen or soldiers, yet we were sent as warriors for God's battle. Caring group leaders, ministry heads, Feast councils were called to recharge and be reminded of their purpose in the family. 

Some shed tears; others leaped in joy. All were ecstatic to see one one another and gather to give glory to God the Father. Bo Sanchez gave the talk in full military gear - minus firearms and explosives - in line with the theme "Armed and Dangerous". He talked about the three levels of community life.

Deliriousness. Disenchantment. Devotion. Those who have just begun in their service find themselves in a perfect haven, treating their leaders as angels and saints, and seeing the community as a perfect place on earth. They are delirious with what appears to be a sinless and chaste group of people who are devoted to serving God. Nevertheless, those who have been in the family for quite a long time know the faults and frailties of one another. Some become quite discouraged and stay in the team just-because. This leads them to stagnancy: they remain where they are and don't aim for greener pastures and higher aims. 

There are those who, despite failures and imperfections of those in the spiritual family, remain and seek better things not only for themselves, or for those in the community, but most of all, for the unchurched and those outside the group. They reach the third and ultimate level of community life: devotion. They know the people around them are insecure - of what they have, unanswered prayers, stagnant career and financial life, and chaotic relationships and family - but they also know they have their own insecurities and admit them fully and wholeheartedly. 

I am blessed to have been with the Light of Jesus family for almost three years now. I was a fresh grad when I started attending the Feast. Back then, I was searching for a job, yet I was led to this. It never failed to bring me hope whenever the going gets tough and my prayers seem unheard and unanswered. Being with my friends in the community fills up my love tank and makes me feel secure.

Yesterday, we were given our combat manual: the Bible. We were also given the Companion. These give me no excuse to read God's word everyday and do daily prayer routine.

Hashtag: THANKFUL.

The Holy Bible enclosed in a 'Combat Manual' cover :)
God doesn't call the qualified. He qualifies the called. Heed God's call. Don't fret over spiritual families as cults or what-have-you. They are a treasure :)

My Makati Feast family :)

After the gathering, we watched the Les Miserables at the Resorts World. Such a magnificent watch. Next for this week: Life of Pi. Must finish the book :)

Laughter-filled snack-or-dinner at Stackers while awaiting Les Mis :)

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