Friday, January 18, 2013

Weeks of Gratitude

At the start of the year, I've vowed to be grateful everyday and write my blessings - here, as much as possible - because I've learned that an attitude of gratitude veers away anxiety and gives you joy. Being grateful takes you from mere appreciation of and desire for worldly riches to a sincere, honest, and truthful appreciation of others and yourself. It keeps your eye on what's truly valuable.

I failed to give thanks for my littlest blessings daily here on my space due to schedule and time constraints. Be that as it may, I am jotting down the things that make me happy - those I am thankful for - on the mini notebook Claire (one of my CG partners last season) has given us last Christmas. So here are among the most distinct I-am-thankful-for thingies, moments, and people for the week/s that passed.

Girlfriend and her fiance hanging around

I believe God isn't fond of keeping empty spaces in our hearts. When a room becomes vacated, he fills in the nearby room for you to forget the void in the other. I am thankful for my girlfriend for filling in a space in my love tank and being my sister for life. I seriously think this girl has once been my biological sister (prolly in our past lives, we're sisters). I am also thankful for Mark for being both my kuya and papa. I treat this friendship as a family of sorts.

And I am indeed honored to be soon-to-be-Mrs. Ruthie Sy-Juanson's maid of honor on her wedding day.
Saved and sealed: Engaged on Aug 31, 2012

I've read once that true friends are those who, even if you haven't seen one another for years, remain the same makulit, madaldal, all-out when you get to see again. And I guess, I have them. I've got happy and chika-filled nights with some of my high school barkada over coffee or tea, or bonding over a movie premier (insert thank-you-Jaq-for-Jack-Reacher! here). Catch-ups, plans, relationships, helping hands. They are a package.

A random Saturday night in Greenbelt
Cheers for 13 years! Oh, wait, I don't want to get into trouble. My dear friend - and probably my longtime best friend - said we're buddies for 15 years now. Achie (she's no Chinese, though she looks like one as well) said from the time we were eight years old (third grade) until now we're 23, do the Math, and voila! We're friends for 15 years... and beyond! We met over a brief milk tea catch-up last Tuesday. And we're frantic over plans and chikas! We'll date again this Sunday yay!

15 years... and beyond :)
Colleagues in the office

I've been fairly blessed with gift of persons wherever I go. And God has blessed me with bunch in my work. Here's to laughter and insanity over the ENPS, kababayan, crinkles, Bon Chon, Behrouz, pasta, Country Style, Fruitas, and Mcdo. Way to go!

Our desk editor Ed braves the happily ever after with her love, Cristy
One of our dinners in Behrouz with Sir Pat :)
CG-Up, Bucket List, and Planner

In my earlier post, I've said I haven't come up with a bucket list this year as I am embracing life as it is. Well, I guess I haven't been true to my word, because Ate Lissy (our CG-up head) asked us to create 13 Things-To-Do when we first met for our monthly CG this 2013. Among them is to maintain my blog. So here I am, highlighting one on my list!

Busog night in Avenetto, Glorietta

Oh, wait. I've also got a planner from Ms. Pauline. She gave it to us on the first few working days of January. Paris lovin' cool and amazing!

When I saw this, my heart leaped.
No dates, so I can use it until next year :)
Myself and me-times

I have always enjoyed setting aside an alone-time or the so-called 'me-time' - where I can do whatever I want and go wherever, whenever. This month, I've spent most of it over milk tea, coffee, and my first read for this year. I vowed to finish the book before I watch the Life of Pi on cinema (because I wanna read Yann Martel before I see Ang Lee 'coz I believe these are different). So until now, I haven't watched the film yet haha.

Cold Tuesday night in A Gantea, Greenbelt
Spending a Sunday after hearing mass

Counting blessings and affirmation 
My notebook of gratitude :)
On January 2, I've received a message from Eis (also among my CG partners last season) which affirmed a good and happy 2013. Seeing this again right now, in the middle of a crossroad, gives me an assurance that everything will eventually fall into place, in His time.

...of God's faithfulness.

I am thankful for the gift of 2013. More ahead!

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