Sunday, February 3, 2013

Of Masses and Messages

Last Sunday, Ruthie and I heard the Mass at the Greenbelt chapel. It was among those moments we spend together when we can talk about all of everything in the sky and end up parting ways late at night. It was a good Sunday night to begin the week. Even though I slept late - despite the first day of the work-week the following day - I was filled and happy.

Apart from our sharings and stories, what struck me the most were the message from the Homily and what happened during the communion. I could barely remember the specific Gospel, yet there was this verse from one of the readings that forayed me into hope and a strengthened faith:

Do not be saddened this day, for rejoicing in the Lord will be your strength. 
- Nehemiah 8:9-10

The past weeks were weathered and not-at-all-good. Clouds of doubt and fear hovered above me and rained on questions regarding my career, relationships, travel plans, and a whole lot more. It inundated my heart with skepticism as to how I would be able to achieve my goals amid all impediments, how I would be able to fulfill my roles, how I could help up finance our dream home, how I would be able to put up a certain event for a good friend amid my 'unstable' emotions. I had many fears; insecurities came up like arachnids conquering a tree to save themselves from high floods. I thought of myself as incapable - in all aspects.

Until that verse came like a thunder that woke me up from a nightmare. It seemed God whispered to the heavens to stop the rain and blow winds of hope instead. And so I found hope, at the very least.

Rejoice in the Lord. It will be your strength.


It was a first Friday last Friday, and so Achie and I decided to date out beginning with a first Friday mass. I was late - in fact, I even failed to hear the readings and the Gospel. Yet God did speak to me from the moment I stepped on the pavement until the time I finally entered the chapel.

From afar, I was hearing echos of the voice of one of my most favorite priests. I got excited to hear his Homily, even though I knew, he was already half-way to the end. I was wondering what he was talking about, until the muffled, babbling sounds transformed into a crystal clear voice of beauty. "He just wants you to develop that virtue: patience. When you wait, God is just around, with you." I continued walking towards the chapel entrance nearby where my friend was seated and waiting. All of the priest's messages came out like bullets from a shotgun aimed at no one - but me.

I couldn't help but smile while I was walking. "Oh God, thank you for speaking to me. You never fail indeed, true to your words."

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