Sunday, May 26, 2013

Food. And Family.

The weekend that passed could be summed up in two words: Food and Family.

Saturday was well spent with my Makati Feast Media Ministry friends for our planning and team-building. It was a no grand out-of-town, detaching-from-the-world team-building; but it was an awesome, hilarious, productive, and fun session. I am blessed to have been serving with them all. It made me realize - even more - that I have made the right decision to stay in the ministry and not give up.

God doesn't call the qualified; rather, He qualifies the called. Where He sends you, He equips you.

Whenever the going gets tough, God will be there. And when the group succeeds, God will be there. All the glory goes back to Him. As Paul's letter to the Colossians (Col. 1:17) says,  ""He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together." 

Food was overflowing. And the way each one treat another, it was a family.


After the Ministry planning, I went straight to Ruthie's home. Rain was pouring hard; I got stranded for quite some time in one of the stores nearby, as well as in her brother's computer shop. Nonetheless, what welcomed me when I stepped in their house warded off any storm in my heart and dried up my damp spirit: the Juanson family and Sy family flashing their best smiles for a photo before dinner.

I haven't seen the couple for about two weeks. I missed them dearly. 

And again, there were lots of food. For me, they are a family.


On Sunday, the Cataps went out to hear mass and dine out for lunch. For a change, we went to Solaire.

No casino, just for lunch. Though I am really curious, so I asked Papa a few questions about how you play there hehe :)

Again, oveflowing food. And family. <3

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