Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tough times, tougher people

It was on that fateful day of June 15, 2011 that I began to live the life I chose to have right now. New job. New people. And hopefully, a new set of friends. And God didn’t fail me.

I was the earliest and the first to arrive among the first four writers. There came a charming and chubby girl who bore the name of a chocolate – Hershey – as she was called. A few minutes later, a tall, skinny, and fair-skinned lady with legs double of mine arrived. She was Tin.

We were all awaiting our boss for an orientation. It was about an hour past our call time. Another girl barreled past the door and hastily sat down before us. She was in an off-white shirt with a sketch of a girl, a skirt, and cute sandals. She looked tired, yet undeniably young, youthful, and vibrant. A few Q and A’s, and we knew her name. She was Ela. I wasn’t mistaken in telling that she was indeed tired, because she came from Cavite – about a two hour ride from our office.

They became my first set of friends in this job. Weeks followed, then there came the noisy but lovely Queen, yummy Jade, willful Pom, and nice Monica. After a few months, there was not-so-quiet Kris. She was shortly followed by smarty Gin. After a year was animated Lee. Then, helpful Jode.

Some left earlier than expected. Most stayed. From the first airing where bloody graphics job was always something to shy away from, up to the very first coverage, to the updates, Network News, Newsday, Nightly News, and now, to the elections. Those were tough times. Yet they all didn’t last, because only tough people last. We lasted and outlived them, because we were all tough people. 

And I know, as we part ways and move forward to where we wanted to be, we would always outlast tough times. Because we would always be tougher than them.

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