Sunday, June 9, 2013

Madness begets madness

Lightning streaked through the dark evening sky, yet no rain came. I was fretting over treading on wet pavements while walking home. Since no drop fell from the heavens - despite a stark warning of a looming storm - Jigs and I got home dry, happy, and safe. 

We came from a friend's birthday bash. It was Mark's birthday - my GF Ruthie's hubby. I was actually supposed to attend to another friend's baby shower, yet I had to fulfill a promise to my brother that we're gonna watch Hangover 3. Because Ruthie's place is nearer to Greenbelt, I chose to go there. By the way, I still have to get to the Tolentino couple to say sorry that I didn't make it in their event. Why is it that some days are events-heavy while others are plain and dull and lifeless? Test of will in times like this haha.

Anyway, we did watch Hangover 3, but we ended up watching it with the gang at the Sy's home. Jow downloaded a good copy of it, so we just watched it together. Jigs and I were supposed to watch another movie after, but since it was already late, we just decided to go home. 

It was a good, steady Saturday. I got to clean my room. I got to bond with good friends. I got to see my GF who I terribly miss (see previous post). I got to watch Hangover 3.

And now, I got the luxury of time to stay in our rooftop, feel the cool breeze, and look at the skies that display a mix of velvet clouds against the black blanket of eternity. There's silence.

At night, the world is at peace. Everyone is dreaming. And souls are searching for meaning.

Before everything snaps back again to reality, when the sun illumines the sky again and wake the world up for another day.


Lingering thought on Hangover 3: Madness begets madness. 

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