Sunday, June 9, 2013

Random sweetness, yeah?

Someone who will stay up late with you over endless talks in the moonlight. Laugh out loud over inside (and outside) jokes at any given time. Do even the most nonsense things for both a laugh and an adventure. Random texts over smalltime and bigtime kiligables, good mornings, and good nights. Movie marathons, book readings, swimmings. Stories of utmost importance and kakornihan.

This girl has instantly promoted me from being a flowergirl to a maid of honor. I had a great time carrying your trail even though its weight was - I guess - a quarter of mine. Haha, kei, I'm exaggerating. But we all know that it was damn heavy, yeah?

This is weird, but everything seemed to have flashed back when I saw you a while ago. Nyahaha emo :)

Some friends will always and forever hold a dear place in your heart. My dear darling GF, you're amongst them. To infinity and beyond :)

I frakkin' miss you! 


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