Monday, June 17, 2013

Silence of lambs

A sign said, "Please turn your phone into silent mode." I turned my phone into vibrate mode and my ipad's volume at its lowest. Then, we went inside.

It was my first time at the Pink Sisters Convent in Tagaytay - one of those places I've been wanting to go to since last year. As we walked towards the center of the church, I could feel and hear the beat of my heart. It was beating faster than the usual - a sign of excitement and overwhelm for a dream coming true right before my eyes.

Atty. Rhina and Tay Nin went to the pew beside the middle aisle. Terry and I sat at the one beside theirs. They immediately knelt down and began their prayer. I - as astounded and amazed as I was - couldn't go down on my knees at once. For a few minutes, I was musing praises and thanksgiving in my heart while sitting upright. I turned my gaze to the nuns in pink - thus explaining how the convent's moniker was coined -  who were at peace while down on their knees before the altar. There was a great railing divide between their prayer area and the faithful's place. I thought, "How sweet and amazing it is to just praise, worship, give thanks, and talk to God for hours in a place as serene as this?"

I couldn't quite express my joy in words. Silence embraced me, and all I had in my heart were pure thanksgiving and praise. I thanked God for my friends who I have been with in that trip, for my family who has been there for me from birth until forever, for a simple yet love-filled birthday, for another year of breakthroughs, for my job and a career in the offing, for my spiritual family, for my angels everywhere. 

I finally found my good time to kneel down, close my eyes, and clasp my hands in a position of prayer. For a few minutes, I was away from the world. I was insulated from chaos. My heart was in real peace. 

All I could hear was my own voice uttering words in silence.


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