Monday, November 25, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 1

I woke up to my usual morning lullaby that would never fail me to pull me up from my bed. I went to the office early -- thanks to the MRT that lovingly took part with my bagong buhay wag na ma-late (please) at magtipid na (please) goal. Everything was falling in the right place, when something seemed to have fallen out of the way. I received a text message from our executive producer:

"May emergency sa house. Di ako aabot... Text ko na lang later sina... kung makahabol ako sa... Tnx. Cc: Jam...."

Out of instinct, I kept my cool and chose to go by the day as it has been in the past months. Breakfast. Kisses. Hugs. Kulitan. Back to workstation. Do the day's line-up. Consult people. Confirm details. Cross-read news. Proofread scripts. Write (or rewrite) scripts. Follow-up stories. Ask for scripts. Seek guidance. Seek advice. Compromise. Write. Doubt. Pursue your work. Persist. Insist. Give in. Argue. Stand your ground. Argue. Question. Answer questions. Lead. Work well.

As one of our show's producers, I had to fill in the big shoes our E.P. left us for the day and assume responsibilities that could -- more or less -- make or break my career, my heart, and my dreams. Yet sticking to my instinct, I kept my cool. The day went by. 

We set sail. Blessed enough with a good day and a great team, we set sail together. It wasn't perfect. It has never been.

But we did it. We completed our noontime news program's production smoothly.

No loud voices at the end of the show. Quiet exit. And you knew, all things were ok.

Except for one (or maybe two). But that would hardly count.

We did it. And for that, I'm thankful,

Thank you for today's grace, Lord. Thank you in advance for better days.

Hold our hands forever. :)

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