Saturday, January 25, 2014

A letter to a fighter, a brave warrior

To a fighter, a brave warrior,

We're off to the same but different journey in the coming weeks. We may be together, but not actually. Our story carries on with you and me as the protagonist dealing with several antagonists in our set (and many others in our own circle). We will be together everyday -- but majority of the time we will be in our mutually exclusive worlds. You will be fighting your own fight, and I will be fighting mine.

I am seeing events when I want to take a step forward and lay my hand on thy antagonist and use any power I have to keep you away from harm. They may also be those when you want to get a message of love across through bold gestures. Life may be tough when we want to battle it out together in a way our hearts know how, but we know, we would have to hold back.

We can lend a hand to each other at times -- when valid reason permits. In some realms, nonetheless, we have to keep distance.

We will be fighting the same fight in our own worlds. We will meet halfway in the jungle which we -- you and me -- apparently don't like to be in. We will both have our similar and mutually exclusive reasons why we are evading the honor and obligation that come in darting into that treacherous territory.

I'm pleading to Heaven to endow us the right perspective and the values that we have to bear in our coat of arms to make it through the jungle alive and even stronger. You, tougher and wiser on your end. I, braver and wiser on my end. You and I, tougher, braver, and wiser on ours.

Fears are still lurking around like a bask of crocodiles, leap of leopards, and a nest of vipers ready to prey on me. I fear to lose in this battle -- that you will lose in your own, lose in mine, and lose in ours.

But we have to catch those distracting predators, seal them in a cage, and tell them in their face that they are no match compare to what God has in store for me and you. And us. Adversities may break us everyday, but it will make us better, bolder, stronger, and wiser in the long run. It will pack us with grit, determination and willpower to carry on with whatever path we choose to take.

We will wrestle with the antagonists of our own story everyday, but always, we will meet in the end. And tell each other that everything will be alright. All is well that ends well.

Right in the middle of the war, if we got wounded from a firefight, we just have to close our eyes. Inhale. Exhale. Pray. Then, fire back.

We will sometimes get tired and walk towards the edge of an end. But we should choose to close our eyes again. Inhale. Exhale. Pray. Then, walk back and carry on.

The light at the end of the tunnel is not too far. A good end is not far. God has promised victory for you and me. He will meet us in the end.

Let's hang on. Hawak-kamay.

My fighter, my brave warrior, Heaven is seeing us through.

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