Friday, March 25, 2016

Halu-halo: Ignoring my feelings

It's Maundy Thursday.

Lent is ending in 3 days. For this year, I vowed to fast from desserts, Facebook and Instagram. For the Holy Week, I eat one full meal a day and just have quick bites thereafter. I've been winning, so far.

And today, it's Maundy Thursday. We're out and about for our yearly Visita Iglesia. We're on our last stop: Chowking. Currently, I'm eating my feelings.

My parents and my brother are eating halu-halo. I'm fixing my gaze on my soup and ignoring my feelings. I'm trying to forget the cold and tangy taste of cold milk mixed with ube ice cream on a very hot night. 

I'm happy with my noodle soup.

Ooops. It's 12:00 mn. That means, it's now Good Friday.

Have a blessed Holy Week everyone!