Sunday, June 7, 2015

On Fridays

You know what I love about Fridays?

The freedom when I step out of my workplace and just sprint to wherever. My partner-in-crime and I would usually go on food tripping in a foodie-haven-covered-in-tents in Bonifacio Global City or hop on to an all-day breakfast place a tricycle ride away from our office. Lately, we would catch a late-night movie at Newport Cinema. That's freedom.

What made me tell you this?

I just watched a trailer of a movie -- another film adaptation of a book by John Green. It's called 'Paper Towns'. I liked it, so this early, I imagined ourselves hopping on to a cab and asking the driver to drive fast enough so we could catch the movie that would be in screened half an hour. I also imagined us getting a hot chocolate or a cappuccino to sip, because it's cold in the movie house and our warmers wouldn't make us feel 'warm' enough. (I smelled how the mall would 'smell' -- like a place out of the country. The place would be dimly lit in the second to third floors because the shops would've been closed.)

It would be midnight -- or past midnight -- and we were spending our Friday night, but at the same time, we were already enjoying our weekends. In where we are now, there lies a thin line between Friday and Saturday. 

But I still love Fridays.