Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Beginning and Change

In the beginning were room cleaning and hearing the Holy Mass with my girlfriend. This was how I spent the first day of 2013. 

During the Mass, I thought of how I approached the start of a new year. This 2013 was different. I did not make a bucket list, bearing in mind I still had unchecked's in my 2012 - which I could use as my to-do's this year (or until I cross them all out). I didn't have a planner, which I used to consider a must-have in starting a year. Nevertheless, I had my goals set. It would include family, career, health, relationships. And OTL. I thought it would be enough for me to make it through this year. 

Somehow, I find it weird. I even feel a dint of fear in my heart, feeling my life's perspective has been changing. I am the usual meticulous, goal-setter-goal-getter. My life solely depends on my to-do's and goals. Without a planner and any organizer tools on hand, I feel I am loosening up and letting go of the steering wheel. It appears I am now depending my life on what others and the world would just offer me. I see, however, that this change in the way I approach life - and a new beginning, on that note - is a way of being spontaneous. On a literary, philosophical way of saying it, it is the "Embrace change." I am not fearful of change anymore. Well, fear still remains, yet I am now braver and bolder in facing both my fear of change and change itself. After all, nothing is permanent, other than change.

I look forward to this new beginning with excitement for surprises, first times, and abundance. 


Last year, for the last half of November and the first half of December, I managed to complete my ''30 Days of Gratitude". I just find it cool to count your blessings everyday - as encouraged by one of the devotional-ish pages I liked on Facebook.

Having found both the purpose and perks of counting your blessings - and plainly being thankful even for the smallest things everyday - I thought of making another string of gratitude. This time, nonetheless, it won't be just 30 days. Why not make it 365 days? And so, here I have my 2013 Year of Gratitude. :)

Year of Gratitude Day 1

I heard the Good News with Ruthie tonight in a New Year Mass at the Greenbelt Chapel. The priest talked about the three Feasts the Catholic church is celebrating on the 1st day of January. These are New Year, Solemnity of Mary as the Mother of Jesus, and Peace day. 

He said attending the mass on the first day of the year is an act of greeting God. The way I see and interpret it, it's like saying, "Hi Jesus! It's me! I know you missed me! Super thank you for another year." It's seeing God and rubbing elbows with Him as you begin anew. 

On January 1st also falls the 8th day following Mama Mary's birth to Jesus. The priest explained, in the Jewish tradition, women are considered unclean for seven days after she has given birth to her son. It is only on the 8th day that she can be formally and officially recognized as the child's mother. He has not expounded why so, except that it was a Jewish way. Linking it to our daily life and struggles, Mama Mary can be our source of strength and hope when we feel lost, unaccepted and unclean. By her example.

January 1st is also a day of peace. I am thankful to be reminded of this, coming from years of conflict and grudge against one of my tito's, and a year of emotional turmoil with a close friend. 

God has forgiven me 7,007 times 7 times. Who am I not to do so?

By your grace, Jesus. Only by your grace.

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