Wednesday, May 29, 2013

LRT: Life's Rail Transit

Life's rail transit is never a perfectly convenient ride. At times, you have to wait for the coach to arrive amid a sea of impatient people wanting to get inside the train first. At other times, you have to queue with everyone else who eagerly and saddistically make their way out of the crowd to make it to the frontline. There are also some instances when you have to go down the coach and walk beside the railway because the train's engine bugged down - or somebody else jumped off the mezanine for the nth time to take his own life.

Be that as it may, we still choose to ride, because you will lose the joy and satisfaction of having tried riding a transit system that fuels both your humanity and vulnerable soul.

Life's rail transit is a good vehicle to be in, but there are risks that you have to consider once you immerse yourself into the busy transportation.

One of which  - albeit this happens very seldom - is when a train loses its way and gets derailed. The driver might have been too preoccupied that he overlooked the railway he's driving on. Or maybe the train's computer and engine just went on a haywire and paralyzed the entire system. Or it's just fate for train to go out of the way because the passengers aboard need to learn a lesson which only such a tragic incident can teach them.

Riding life's rail transit is exciting, time-saving, fun, and hilarious - yet at the same time, hazardous and deadly.

But as dawn breaks, you wake up, and leave for somewhere else, you still opt for life's transit system, because it's the only way to get by and get there - wherever you wanne be.

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