Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Dear Baby Juanson,

How are you there?

Your mommy told me that you're still small albeit growing, and by the way she said it, I could feel her excitement and joy for your coming. So many people are looking forward to see you, hold you, carry you, kiss you, and embrace you. Many kids are also squealing in excitement to play with you, learn the alphabet with you, do math with you, and learn languages with you. You are indeed a gift - a present - that we look forward to having in the very near future. 

In the meantime, while you are forming and growing in Mommy's womb, we hope and pray that you will always be well, and your growth will be in rhythm with Mommy's health and condition. Just take one day at a time, no need to hurry, because we are all willing to wait to see you. Okay? Just enjoy your formative months, and while you do, we're gonna prepare for your coming in the Juanson home.

It was your mom's birthday yesterday. You are an advance birthday gift to her :) Thank you for coming just in time, because you are her greatest reason to be happy on her special day. You are indeed a blessing to your mom and dad.

As I write this to you, please extend my message to your mom. Your mom has been dear and special to me. We've been girlfriends for over year now, and we were both amazed how this friendship has grown in just a short span of time. I pray you, too, when you grow up, you'll find many girlfriends and best friends to keep - to laugh with, weep with, share stories with, and share sleepless nights with - both in happy times, and most especially, when the going gets tough. Give her my hugs and kisses to make her feel how much I love her.

When at times I don't appear, or just dissipate into thin air, tell her not to worry, because I have an alarm in my girlfriend-room that rings loudly and violently whenever I have to be around. And if a day comes I really won't able to make it, or I will be missing in action, extend my big warm hugs to her. 

Tell her as well I intentionally didn't put up any surprise for her birthday, because as much as I want to, I cannot yet outdo myself from previous surprises. I guess she'll understand, because I'm competitive - your mom is MORE competitive (I think you need to imbibe that attitude, darling). Be that as it may, tell your mom with or without surprises, my love for her remains - in leaps and bounds.

Baby, I'm looking forward to have you as my future-daughter's girlfriend (If you're a boy, then my future-son's dude). 

Here's to healthy pregnancy, good health, more love, and a life being lived well for your Mom and Dad whose joy is overflowing to have you around.

I love you. I love your Mom who I call Mommy-GF and your Dad who I call Papa Mark.

To infinity and beyond,

Tita Jam


  1. Thank you Tita Jam! You make mommy crying... :)) I'll remember everything that you've said. Please preserve this letter, ok? No need for a surprise Tita Jam, cause I am the biggest surprise this year! :) Mom and Dad cried in happiness when the doctor told them that I am coming soon! I am also excited to see you Tita Jam! Keep praying for us okay? Mwah! Love you! Thank you for loving mommy! :)